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Sports Hoop Exercise

Sports Hoop Exercise Includes

slimming points

Workout Meant Easy

Compared to traditional hula hoops, Acu Hoop’s and
Power Hoop’s concentrated-workout red
uced the time
for better result of hooping, compared to the smooth
hooping exercise from Trim Hoop. Sports Hoop has been
focusing on the effortless workout to keep your body in shape.
Hooping exercises promote cardiovascular health and
joint health at home.

Weighted Hoop to Maximize Result!

Hoops designed for adults must weight more than 3lbs to see
substantial results. Sports Hoop had designed our signature
hoop to weight 3 to 6 lbs to fit the different build of the body to
provide suited exercise equipment for your weight and height.
It's like picking the right size equipment to maximize your effort.
Luckily, there aren't too many varieties to choose from to
achieve your goal for your hooping workout regimen.

Pulse Massage Stimulation

Sports Hoop patented ridges induces pulsing muscle
stimulation. It creates a varietal range of strength of
stimulation to the waist inner muscle that promotes muscle
workout and growth.

WARNING - Muscle sore vs Pain

Your waist and inner muscle are not used to the massage.
It's like muscle soreness. Use a waist belt to ease and protect
until it’s comfortable to maintain hoop in motion.
If pain persists, please check with your doctor.
Pain should not persist in any way as your muscle gets stronger
as you use the hoop.

Expect Soreness from just 10 min/day!

First-time users may experience "obvious" muscle soreness during workout, this means that the body is receiving immediate result. Please follow the hooping instructions and start easy with 5 minutes per day, up to 10 mins per day per session. If the workout is too strong, please use a lighter hoop, wear a waist trimmer, and reduce hooping time.

Targeting Hard-to-reach Inner Muscles

The wavy ridges target inner waist muscle that is difficult
to reach from regular workouts. Therefore, from immediate
use, the user will feel the immediate response from the waist
muscle. The same reason that if you engage in extreme
exercise, you will feel sore the next day


More Than just Waist!

Utilize the lighter hoops for arm rotational workout to exercise
arm muscles and reduce bingo wings. Improves posture, joint mobility. Arm Hoops, Acu Hoop 2S, Trim Hoop 2SM, or Wavy Hoop contributes to great exercises in order to reduce and tone your arm, shoulder, and chest muscles.


The design of the patented Sports hoop provides immediate
workout result in just a couple minutes, please remember to
let your muscle rest and recover, do not overuse the hoop.

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